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Legal framework

Ina's remit has been defined by a number of laws concerning the audiovisual sector. Today our assignments are laid down in a Contract of agreed means and objectives.

ina in figures

127million euro budget in 2016
972employees (2015)
14 700 000hours of TV and radio documents
1 200 000preserved photographs
123television channels and radio stations picked up under legal deposit
1 232 096hours of online archives available on
3 000professionals trained each year
156,7millions views on


our legal framework

The Institut national de l’audiovisuel (Ina) is an E.P.I.C., a National Public Utility Company, founded by the Law of August 7, 1974. It opened for business on January 6, 1975.

 The President of Ina, chosen from among the members of the Board of Directors representing the State, is appointed by decree for five years by the Council of Ministers.

The company's missions as a public service have been defined by the following laws:

> July 29, 1982: operating rights assigned to Ina for audiovisual archives; 

> September 30, 1986: Ina was opened to the competitive market; 

> June 20, 1992: legal deposit for radio and television; 

> August 1, 2000: new operating rights assigned on August 1, 1997; 

> August 1, 2006: legal deposit for the Internet.

These missions are laid down in specifications promulgated by decree, following advice by France's Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (Higher audiovisual council, or CSA). The specifications currently in force (excepting clauses that are incompatible with later laws), result from the decree of November 13, 1987.

They are regulated by a Contract of means and objectives. The fourth such contract covering the period 2015-2019 was signed in December 2015 by Fleur Pellerin and Laurent Vallet.

The Board of Directors comprises 12 members: four representatives of the French state, two members of Parliament, four persons appointed by the CSA and two representatives of Ina personnel. In addition, four delegates from the Ina works’ council attend the Board of Directors' meetings, in a consultative capacity.

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