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Audiovisual production

For over 30 years now, Ina has been producing films, documentaries and interviews on topics such as cultural, historical and social heritage.

In brIef

> A catalogue of over 2,000 titles

> Documentaries selected for festivals all over the world, including many prizewinners

> Films produced and shown internationally


A unique place

Ina has proved to be a unique production centre, opening its doors to established directors as well as young film directors making their first film, and following the work of directors from all over the world, film after film (Jean-Louis Comolli, Rithy Panh, Carmen Castillo).

From archive-based films to original documentaries and interviews on heritage, Ina explores all the genres and uses the possibilities afforded by new forms of multimedia, to offer innovative productions that are easy to access and enable it to promote its immense heritage.

Ina is the guarantor of the collective audiovisual memory, a committed producer and innovative publisher. The strong identity of its productions and its capacity to reach an ever-increasing audience sets it apart.