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French radio's major programmes are available on CD thanks to editing input from both Ina and its partners.

Ina publications

"Ina Memoire vive"

The collection entitled “Ina, mémoire vive” (A living memory) offers almost 100 titles, bringing back some of the finest works of music, from J.-S. Bach to Olivier Greif, Charles Trenet and Sarah Vaughan, but also interviews and cult programmes, such as Serge Daney’s “Microfilms”.

grm monographs

Ina GRM, a musical research group, publishes monographs of musicians who have left their mark on musical history. In recent years, box-sets have been dedicated to Bernard Parmegiani (12 CDs), Luc Ferrari (10 CDs) and Pierre Schaeffer (3 CDs).


partnership publications


The collection “Paroles”, also published in partnership with Radio France, offers a selection of major radio programmes. Among its latest publications are box-sets of Jacques Chancel’s Radioscopies.

"la voix au chapitre"

In partnership with Textuel, Ina has published “La voix au chapitre”, a collection of audio books bringing an original text together with archives. The latest titles are devoted to Germaine Tillion (with a text by Tzvetan Todorov) and Georges Brassens (with a text by Bernard Lonjon).

"les grandes heures"

The collection “Les grandes heures”, co-published with Radio France, includes major historical interviews with personalities from the arts world, such as Françoise Sagan, Jean-Louis Barrault, Blaise Cendrars and Maria Callas.

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