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Higher education

Ina SUP offers a range of initial education courses, from the technical BTS to Master's level and including a number of Ina diplomas. Ina SUP is open to foreign students.

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14initial education courses

300students on campus




Organised in partnership with the Evariste-Galois school in Noisy-le-Grand, the BTS technical training certificate in audiovisual occupations (Bac+2) offers four options:

> Engineering techniques and proficiency in the use of equipment
> Production management
> Sound
> Editing and post-production


Degree course

> Ina Diploma in Multimedia Research
> Professional degree course in Networks and Telecommunications


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Master's courses

Since October 2007, Ina SUP has offered two specialised courses at Master’s level, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Communications:

> “Audiovisual heritage management” to train future audiovisual and digital heritage curators;
> “Audiovisual Production” to train tomorrow’s film producers


6 postgraduate diplomas:

> Master in Documentary and Audiovisual Conception: multimedia representations of history, society and science

> A specialised Master in Multimedia Creation and Production

> Professional Master in Information and Communication. Speciality: The Web environment and related jobs

> Professional Master in Arts and Letters. Speciality: Music and Sound

> Research Master in History. Speciality: History and the audiovisual sector

> University diploma: Marketing and distribution in the European audiovisual industry


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Academic partnerships

L’Institut Français de la Communication (IFC), the training and research centre for audiovisual communications, the media and digital industry, was founded in January 2005 to bring the academic and professional worlds closer together. Courses are held at University Paris I and Ina.


Ina has been an associate member of the Higher Education and Research Cluster (PRES), part of Université Paris Est since 2009. Ina runs the Image and Media centre, and works to create synergies between the various parties involved in:

> Areas that come under the Image and media heading: cinema, television, the Web, mobile, and video games;

> Related scientific and human disciplines


Employment and internships

The future employment of our students and interns is a priority for Ina SUP. We therefore post a selection of job offers and internships on line made by Ina SUP partner companies and institutions.

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