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In accordance with its media research and analysis mission, Ina addresses an academic audience with this web review of the creative industries and the media, attached to Ina SUP.

The cultural industries seen from different perspectives

Globalisation and the switch to digital media have made it important to throw some light on the creative industries from a number of different perspectives: legal, economic and historical, and from the standpoints of social sciences, education, training, technologies, communication, advertising and telecoms.

Cinema, communications, television, radio, music, web, press, telecommunications, publishing, video games, and above all, digital media – all these sectors are undergoing fast and complex changes, which are regularly analysed in depth, and often connected with breaking news.

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An observatory on the media and cultural industries as they evolve

Whether in the form of articles, in-depth publications, reading notes, portraits, press reviews, statistics, or maps of the creative industries worldwide, Ina Global untangles topics as varied as in “Hollywood's 3D revolution?”, “Lagardère, the media and publishing giant, repositions”, “Qtrax, free, legal P2P”, “San Antonio University's bookless library”, “The video game as a cultural asset?” and
“Culture in the world of MERCOSUR”.

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Cutting-edge information available to all

This web review is intended for academics and professionals working in the cultural industries and the media, and is available to non-specialists, who are interested in the cultural, creative and media world around them.

As many as 400 experts and journalists all over the world contribute to this free, international web review.

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