Audiovisual Research

Our expertise
Audiovisual Research

Ina is at the cutting-edge of research in audiovisual and digital content, conducting both national and international projects.

an international player

Ina-SUP brings teachers, students, researchers and professionals together on the same site. It is a unique venue where ideas, expertise and know-how are exchanged. Ina manages several content preservation projects (PrestoSpace, PrestoPRIME), and participates in a number of major European projects, including the digital library, Europeana.

Ina-SUP researchers also produce innovative technologies such as “Signature”, software designed to protect content against piracy, which has already been adopted by TF1 and Dailymotion. Research is conducted in cooperation with many university or industrial partners, both in France and abroad: the CNAM, INRIA, BBC, Rai, etc.


four areas of research

Ina SUP conducts research in images and sound on the one hand and audiovisual professions and archiving on the other.
This research  - in both technological sciences and social and human sciences - is based on four areas:

Archiving, preservation

 Digital preservation, protection, restoration, Signature
 Audiovisual and digital archive science

Indexing, documentation 

 Documentary engineering, descriptor analysis and extraction, indexing and information research
 Image semiology and rhetoric

Content use and publishing

 Man-machine interfaces, consultation tools, publishing
Production arts and sciences


Representation and data search

These four areas give rise to transversal research, notably in terms of presentation and data search.


expertise and innovation

Research also involves several approaches: the expertise involved in functions whose content Ina is keen to explain and promote, academic research that advances knowledge, and finally technological innovation, which results in new tools for use in image- and media-related activities.