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Audiovisual heritage

Ina plays an active role within a number of international professional bodies, to share and promulgate their concern, knowledge and conclusions on the subject of audiovisual heritage preservation.

The international Federation of Television Archives

A founding member of IFTA (FIAT), Ina was behind the “Call from Paris” initiative launched in 2004 to raise awareness among authorities in all countries of a major risk, that of losing their collective audiovisual memory, and of the ever-growing digital gap between rich and developing countries.

Ina continues to make a significant contribution to the preservation of our audiovisual heritage by mobilising audiovisual professionals on the issue of safeguarding the world's archives and of the need to pool expertise in terms of archiving television programmes.

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The Copeam

The COPEAM, or Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators, has over 130 audiovisual company members from 26 countries, including the main public radio broadcasters in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the two main European and Arab unions: the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

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