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Ina co-produces programmes with broadcasters from all over the world, which are presented in the most prestigious festivals.

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> A catalogue of over 2,400 titles

> Documentaries selected for festivals all over the world, including many prizewinners

> Films produced and shown internationally


A unique place

Ina has proved to be a unique production centre, opening its doors to established directors as well as young film directors making their first film, and following the work of directors from all over the world, film after film (Zhao Liang, Rithy Panh, Carmen Castillo).

From archive-based films to original documentaries and interviews on heritage, Ina explores all the genres and uses the possibilities afforded by new forms of multimedia, to offer innovative productions that are easy to access and enable it to promote its immense heritage.

Ina is the guarantor of the collective audiovisual memory, a committed producer and innovative publisher. The strong identity of its productions and its capacity to reach an ever-increasing audience sets it apart.


Broadcasting partners

In Europe

YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), Sveriges and UR (Sweden), BBC (United Kingdom), TV3 (Spain), DR (Denmark), TSR (French-speaking Switzerland), RSI (Italian-speaking Switzerland), RTBF (Belgium).

In Canada

Télé Québec, ARTV and Radio-Canada.

In the United States

Sundance Channel, Discovery Channel, WNET and ITVS.


SBS in Australia, NHK in Japan, Canal 7 in Argentina and Fox Italy.


Some international co-productions

ITVS financed Zhao Liang’s film “Return to the Border” (2005) when they put out their first international call.

A joint Ina-Sundance Channel preview was organised in New York around Chantal Lasbats’s film, “The Tunnel Dwellers of New York” (2008).

Argentina’s Canal 7 made its first ever pre-purchase with Ina in 2009 at the Latin Side of the Doc (Buenos Aires) with Marie-Monique Robin’s film “Our Daily Poison”.

Internationally co-produced films are selected for the most prestigious film festivals.


Interactive “Frescoes” in English

Ina produces interactive and theme-based programmes to increase our understanding of the political and cultural history of our time.

Some of these are available in English :

Europe of cultures >>

The Cannes Film Festival >>


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