Audiovisual sales

Ina MEDIAPRO, the leading source of audiovisual content, is a service that provides professionals in the audiovisual sector with remote access to Ina’s sounds and images.

In figures

1,232,096hours of television and radio
500theme-based collections
7,000,000documentary notes available in French and English
7,000accredited professionals, one-third of whom are based outside France



Ina MEDIAPRO provides access to:

All the programmes broadcast by France’s public television channels since 1949
The "Actualités françaises" newsreels (1945-1969)
The programmes produced by Radio France
Private collections of producers and film directors (managed by Ina)




Research, selection and ordering… made easy!
Straightforward and intuitive tools that allow you to carry out research, consult and select entire documents and/or extracts.

The Ina MEDIAPRO teams handle the release of rights depending on the use envisaged.


Access to Ina MEDIAPRO services is free of charge. It is reserved for:

Professionals working in the audiovisual sector (broadcasters, producers, film directors, journalists)
Institutional, cultural and educational bodies, whose projects include audiovisual archives.

To access the archives, you must obtain authorisation after completing the registration form. >>


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