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Video copy detection

Ina Signature video copy detection system provides a link between distribution platforms and video content rights owners.

An innovative solution for right management

Signature is an automatic video copy detection system. It enables TV broadcast & Internet monitoring for right payment optimization, as well as content monetization and incoming video stream filtering on various platforms.

Many players have decided to support this technology and make it a de facto standard, including: US and European rights holders (Canal+, EuropaCorp), video web sharing sites (Dailymotion, Wat), technical facilities (CMC, Eclair Laboratories, MPO , NetResult) and many more turning to Signature regularly.


Genesis of the product

The Signature technology was initially designed, developed and set up in the R&D department of Ina. The initial R&D methodology involved frequent shuttles back and forth between the technology design and actual tests on representative content sets.


After several years of such work, the resulting software tool was set up at Ina for its TV monitoring needs in as early as 2005. This successful setup validated Signature’s performance, robustness and scalability on a real-world application. The tool proposed now is an industrial-strength second generation of software that has been heavily consolidated since 2005.


The technology

Video fingerprints are small digital codes, computed from the digitized images of a video sequence, and designed to represent its content. It is very different from watermark. In a way, a set of fingerprints computed from a video sequence is a very condensed piece of information and it represents the essence of the sequence.

From the user point of view, computing fingerprints from digitized video files is a very simple process: a program allows to compute one fingerprint file per video file.