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Ina EXPERT today brings together professionals, students and researchers working on sound and images. It is a unique training centre at the heart of a public audiovisual company.

Higher education

Logo Ina SUPIna SUP offers 14 initial courses leading to qualifications, from the BTS, an advanced vocational diploma, to specialised Master's degrees.

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Vocational training

Training over 5,500 people each year, Ina has become the top European training centre for the audiovisual and digital media professions. The catalogue offers more than 270 continuing education courses, as well as many customised courses.
The programmes revolve around a mastery of the latest audiovisual and digital technology. Knowing how to work in high definition, for example, has become essential, and 10% of Ina SUP's training courses are related to this area.

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As an expert in the preservation and digitisation of radio and television archives, Ina advises and assists companies and institutions around the world.

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Ina SUP researchers have developed some innovative technologies, such as “Signature”, software to protect audiovisual content against piracy, already adopted by TF1 and Dailymotion.

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About Signature

Logo InaGlobalIn 2010, Ina launched a new international review dedicated to the media and creative industries: Ina Global. Some 400 experts all over the world contribute to the review.

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